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Update: Blog restarted, new name+new blog address!

After an almost year long hiatus I am getting back into math blogging.  The new address is a bit long but at least easy to remember! (turns out “” was already taken!), please update your bookmarks!

The old site  (the one you are looking at now) will be up at least for a while, but all the old posts have been copied to the new blog, To reflect the fact that nearly all posts here have dealt with Partial Differential Equations the new site will go by the name  “PDE Blog”.


Antonio Ache joins!

Antonio Ache, a grad student at Wisconsin will be blogging with us starting this week (after all, this is meant to be a group blog!). He is a good friend and we have known each other since our undergraduate days.

Antonio will begin by telling us about the problem of finding Riemannian metrics with given Ricci curvature. Welcome Antonio!

PS: On an unrelated note, I am writing this post from my phone! the wordpress application for the iPhone works perfectly. Yes, this means I can now blog whenever I find myself lost during a math talk…