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Hello world! A mathematical melting pot


My name is Nestor Guillen, a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin, jumping on the bandwagon of mathematics group blogs. Joining me will friends who are also students at the University of Texas at Austin. I will leave it to them to introduce themselves as they start posting. As for me, my research interests lie in the analysis of non-linear partial differential equations and free boundary problems, although I must confess I enjoy thinking about differential geometry and algebraic topology every now and then (everybody is entitled to their guilty pleasures).

The name for the blog “A mathematical melting pot” (or “Mathing pot”) was suggested by Carl Mautner, reflecting on the fact that we have rather different research interests (going from PDEs to Representation theory and Probality!), one of the challenges of this blog will be to present material to non-specialists which I hope is something we all keep in mind when exposing ideas from our fields. Besides improving my skills in communicating mathematics, I am really looking forward to learn about the mathematics that my friends are doing. Let’s begin!